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As the first botanic garden in the nation to focus exclusively on native plants, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has dedicated nearly a century of work to better understand the relationship between plants and people. Growing from 13 acres in 1926 to today’s 78 acres, the grounds now include more than 5 miles of walking trails, an herbarium, seed bank, research labs, library, and a public native plant nursery. Amid the serene beauty of the Garden, teams of scientists, educators, and horticulturists remain committed to the original spirit of the organization’s founders – conserve native plants and habitats to ensure they continue to support life on the planet and can be enjoyed for generations to come.
Through our Garden Explorer, we welcome you to explore the plants found within our Living Collection. You can search for your plant of interest by its common or scientific name. Or, if you’re interested in a specific section of our garden, you can also use the map feature or search in the location field.
We hope you enjoy exploring the collection and leave feeling even more inspired to join us in growing native plants – for the health and wellbeing of people and our planet.

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